Hey all! Just joined here. I'm Chris Canatsey, a Senior at Gulf high. I got invited by the mod (he's from mitchell but I don't hold that against him), so I figured I'd join. Well, I'm a complete band geek really, lol. I've been in band nearly seven years, 4 of them with Emily( my alto sax). I'm also an avid video game fan, mostly the RPG and FPS, but I love the Mortal Kombat and Megaman series as well. I play DDR and Kariokie Revolution almost relgiously, it's sick. Lets see...on the video gaming nerve..I've played and beaten and mastered every Final Fantasy game on the market (with the exception on FFXI, seeing as that has no real ending), I've played Everquest and City of Heros, all three Doom games, Halo 1 and 2, Half-life 1 to the point of knowing too much for my own health,lol. I play DnD, i love it even though its kinda a dorky thing to do. I love to read, esspecially the Dragonlance, and Forgotten realms series. I love Ann Rice and J. K. Rowling, and James Joycee is another personal favorite. I love to write as well, small stories and poetry. I love to walk and bike, and wilderness thingies too. I also work at Checkers (they are evil, never work for them). Umm..thats about it,lol. Feel free to gimme an IM if you wanna hang sometimes
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